A downloadable game

Hooray for living in Texas during the summer! Please read this post for instructions on how to play.


There are three bars to watch:

Heat: If your heat bar maxes out, you die.

Hydration: The lower your hydration, the faster you overheat.

Exhaustion: The higher your exhaustion, the slower you move.


Use the arrow keys to move.

Press Space to sprint. It will increase heat, lower hydration, and increase exhaustion. But your speed is not limited while sprinting.

Run over water bottles to collect them. You can store two. Press Tab to drink your water bottle.

Collide into Fire Hydrants to increase your hydration and lower your heat! You're desperate! Be careful: Fire Hydrants reduce your heat gauge and increase your hydration, but does nothing for exhaustion. I mean, you're drinking out of a fire hydrant in the Texas sun. What do you expect.

Blue squares are pool squares. Stop and cool off!

Grey squares are the parking lot. Everything is terrible in a parking lot in Texas. Bring water bottles.

When in dark green squares (or the shade, if you prefer), your exhaustion reduces and your heat reduces, but cannot go below a certain point. It's still hot outside.


Find and collect the three Texas-based items, and return them to Yeehaw Block back at the beginning. Be sure to bring them all together, or he won't accept them. Yeehaw Block is kind of stubborn.

Your score is displayed upon returning the Holy Texas Trinity to Yeehaw Block.

This game was made for One Game A Month (#1GAM).

Install instructions

Unzip the folder and play!


WeLiveInTexas.zip 2 MB